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Getting The Best Locks For Your Bicycle


The need for bike locks has increased over the years with the risen level of bike thefts all over the word.  Buying a high quality lock is advised since it is very hard to break it, other than just buying a bad lock which is easy to break making it still unsafe for your bike.  Quality is everything, and this is evident in that the more you spend on your bike lock the more guarantee you have for the security of your bicycle.


The type of bicycle you have determines the type of best bike lock you buy, the lock types include seat skewers, u-locks, chain locks and cable locks.  U-locks are u shaped and are most commonly purchased, this is because they offer more security for your bike and they also come in various sizes small and big to suit your bike.  Using cable locks is common since they are also safe and adaptable, and people can also use them together with u-locks to give your bike maximum security.


Chain locks are these tough ad strong locks, this is great because it guarantees good security for your bike everywhere you go.  When buying chain locks make sure that both the chain and the locks are very strong and tough, since it would be useless to invest on a good chain and a bad lock.  The most flexible type of bike locks are the wheel and seat skewers and they are also common in areas where crime rates are high, this is because they usually require special tools for them to break making them risky for thieves to try and break.


It is vital to know that the bike lock keys are as important since they are shaped in a way which assists the bike to be less prone to thieves, they usually come in cylindrical or flat shapes. There are good ways out there in which one can lock their bikes to help it stay safer and secure from any theft.  First one should check that what there are locking is strong, remove anything that can be taken out and use a u lock to lock the pole and combine it with a cable lock to make it more safe. This video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgHubY5Vw3Y should give you details.


Another thing is by ensuring the pole being locked to is very sturdy, removing the front wheel and placing it beside the rear wheel and finally placing a lock through the wheels and the bicycle seats.  Getting an immovable object to lock your bike in and placing two lock in it is good, in that one lock will go through the back wheel to the seats while the other one goes through the front wheel. It is very important to make sure that your bike is locked every time. You may also learn more by following the link.